Improvements to Church Admin Plugin

I’ve made some improvements to the Church Admin Plugin in v0.52

Main menu – vastly improved with drag and drop and close

Rota management – the rota now uses autocomplete to store people in their job! You can also email the rota out to participants

Sermons – can now be uploaded and podcasted – mosts hosts have an upload limit of 8MB, so there is a facility to add already uploaded files that perhaps you have ftp’d.

The cache of emails is now stored in a subdirectory the uploads directory – with a redirect in the old directory.

Photos You can upload photos for people, but not much use is made of them yet


  • Activation errors
  • Tied up code and initialise all variables more correctly
  • Functions that require people to be in the directory first only show when directory is populated.

Coming Soon

  1. Shortcodes page in the menu to list all the shortcode options
  2. Photos in the directory as an option
  3. Bible passages in the sermon uploader
  4. Rewrite of the calendar module – with ical support
  5. Instruction Manual

Writing and updating the plugin is pretty time consuming but fun and largely fuelled by coffee, so if you like, please thank me with a brew!…

What would you like to see added to the plugin?

2 thoughts on “Improvements to Church Admin Plugin”

  1. Hi,
    One of the volunteers for our site hit update on your plugin and now our site is down. I am in the process of looking for the previous version to replace the new version, but I was wondering if there is an appropriate way to go about restoring my site from this type of crash?

    Nick (Site Admin)

    1. Unfortunately, I updated the plugin minus the latest version of install.php which will cause and error and cause a fatal error on the site as in your case. Apologies for the hassle.
      There are three quick and easy ways to sort the issue..
      1) You should be able to login to admin area, go to the installed plugins page and update the plugin to v0.54, which solves the fatal error.
      2) If you can’t login, please delete the church admin plugin using ftp. All your settings and data will be safe. Your site will be back up. V0.53 without the bug is now on the repository and will install fine.
      3) I’ve also emailed you the latest version of install.php, you can upload it the includes directory to sort the issue.

      Sorry for the hassle.

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