The Spirit-Filled Church

Terry Virgo’s latest book The Spirit-Filled Church is available for pre-order on Amazon. It’ll be posted out from the 20th May.

Here’s the description…
This is a lucid account of the function of the Spirit in the growth of the church. Through the history of God’s people the constant element has been the presence of the Almighty. The baptism in the Holy Spirit, which so galvanized the young church, equipped and empowered the believers, boosting courage, fostering fluency and granting insights to ordinary men and women. Terry Virgo was baptized in the Holy Spirit as a young believer, and delighted in the experience. ‘As we began to welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit, our church life was transformed’, he explains. ‘The presence of the Holy Spirit changed everything’. As the Spirit moves, so there are healings, often dramatic. But there is more: a discovery of God’s grace. As people discover grace for themselves a far more profound healing takes place, leading first to worship, then a recognition that we are a prophetic people.

Confessions of a Reformission Rev

I get scared of fads – where the body of Christ jumps on the latestpaperback as the answer to whatever problems the Church is facing, orwill be the thing that brings "the" revival. People are begin to talkabout Mark Driscoll’s writings in those ways. I hope people don’t treatthem like a fad, because they are genuinely challenging and will beongoingly helpful. Please read his honest and inspiring assessment of 10 years of Mars Hill.

The rise in popularity of Mark Driscoll and his book "Confessions of a Reformission Rev"has been meteoric. And justifiably so! The guys have Mars Hill Churchin Seattle have done an outstanding work so far, growing a Church thatis theologically conservative, but culturally liberal. Confessions of a Reformission Rev is a great book – and is shaping and challenging our thinking as we plant the Gateway Church.

Here’s a snippet… "We need both portraits, the humble, incarnatedChrist and the triumphant, exalted Christ, to truly understand JesusChrist. As we get to know the humble, incarnated Christ, we learn howto be missional and lovingly relate to people in their culture. As weget to know the glorified, exalted Christ, we learn to be confident andbold because we proclaim his victory over Satan, sin, death and hell."

"I learned that in a small church, ministry is generally something thepastor does for his people and that people chip in if and when theyfeel like it. I feared that if this mindset remained in my church, itwould either fail to grow or grow and bury me in work for lazy andungrateful church people.
As our church continued to meet, it became clear that three types of people were showing up…"

Mark’s book details how they grew Mars Hill from 0-45,45-75,75-150,150-350, 350-1000, 1000-4000 and then onwards. He isrefreshingly honest, shocking, challenging and fun to read all at once.Well worth a buy and read.

Also worth a look is
"The Radical Reformission – reaching out without selling out"