How to translate my Church Admin Plugin

I love the fact that Church admin is being used in so many nations now – why not help by translating it?

It’s easier than you think. Firstly you need a free program call Poedit from – it works on Mac and Windows

Once installed open it up and click on “Create a new translation” if you are starting a new translation or open existing if updating one.

Then select a “po” file from the languages folder to translate from default.po is the UK English file

For a new translation – you’ll have the option to set the translation language at this point. then click on each source text in turn and type in the translation in the bottom “Translation box”

When you have finished click “Validate” to make sure it’s valid, which will hopefully bring up the following alert box

no problems
Click okay and then save.

Poedit will have started the filename with the correct language and country code you have chosen earlier – in this case American English (with all it’s butchering of the Queen’s English 😉 )


WordPress has a naming convention where you need to prepend that with the plugin name and a hyphen – so the filename becomes church-admin-en_US.po

Then click save. You can then upload for your own use. Please email me the file to “clients AT themoyles DOT co DOT uk”, so I can add it to the WordPress repository for use by others too.


Last step! You need to internationalise your installation, if you haven’t already!
In wp-config.php add the line

define(‘WPLANG’, ‘en_US’);

where you use the right language and country code for your nation and language

Emailing out Service Rotas

I’ve finally managed to fix and improve emailing out service rotas – the 2 bugs were simple to fix, but I wanted to add a message to the email too. Please update to v0.584 now for the improvement.

As ever do let me know via the support pages if you find a bug – I’d love the Church Admin plugin to serve your church well! If you do use it please consider a paypal donation -we would like to visit friends who are planting in China and your donation will help us go and be a blessing.

Adding people to ministries

I wanted to make it easier to add people to a specific ministry in the church – which helps with communicating by email and rotas. So as of v0.580 when you click on a specific ministry within the Ministry List, you will be able to see who is in that ministry and delete them or add new ones.

The add field is autocomplete so you can add more than one at a time with commas.

For privacy, only partial names are shown!
For privacy, only partial names are shown!

Hope it helps!

What other features would you like to see?

Small Group Maps

The latest version 0.557 of the WordPress Church Admin plugin has gone international and maptastic!

1) Addresses are now entered in a one line format to be more international friendly. On the output pages a comma will trigger a new line.

2) People can have a prefix before their surname like “van der” – but the directories will still be sorted by alphabetic surname

3) You can store a meeting venue for small groups and geocode the address for a map
[church_admin type=”small-groups-list” map=1] will give the map format if you have geocoded addresses and defaults back to the old format if not.

[church_admin type=”small-groups-list” map=1]

Improvements to Church Admin Plugin

I’ve made some improvements to the Church Admin Plugin in v0.52

Main menu – vastly improved with drag and drop and close

Rota management – the rota now uses autocomplete to store people in their job! You can also email the rota out to participants

Sermons – can now be uploaded and podcasted – mosts hosts have an upload limit of 8MB, so there is a facility to add already uploaded files that perhaps you have ftp’d.

The cache of emails is now stored in a subdirectory the uploads directory – with a redirect in the old directory.

Photos You can upload photos for people, but not much use is made of them yet


  • Activation errors
  • Tied up code and initialise all variables more correctly
  • Functions that require people to be in the directory first only show when directory is populated.

Coming Soon

  1. Shortcodes page in the menu to list all the shortcode options
  2. Photos in the directory as an option
  3. Bible passages in the sermon uploader
  4. Rewrite of the calendar module – with ical support
  5. Instruction Manual

Writing and updating the plugin is pretty time consuming but fun and largely fuelled by coffee, so if you like, please thank me with a brew!…

What would you like to see added to the plugin?

Bulk WordPress Password Reset

Reset by Orse on
Reset by Orse on
Sometimes it is a good idea to reset all the passwords for your WordPress website and email the users to let them know their new password. Especially when you have been hacked – if you have been hacked, read about what to do

My emergency password reset plugin will regenerate every user’s password and email it to them. If you have been hacked, I advise you change all the SALTS in wp-config.php, which forces all users to log out too. provides a tool to generate new SALTS.

To us my bulk emergency password reset and email plugin…

1) Download the emergency-password-reset at plugin
2) Upload the zip file to your plugins directory and activate.
3) If you are and administrator you can click on “Reset all Passwords” – the plugin will generate new more secure passwords and let all the users know.

Hope you find it useful

Using the ministry section to target email


We recently invited all our twenties to lunch one Sunday after church and they were surprised how many there were. They are all in different small groups, so how can we use the WordPress Church Admin plugin to communicate with them all as one group?

Use the Ministry Section! I’d used it for leaders of ministries upto know (like youth leaders, worship band), but why not use it to organise comms with other groups in your Church like the youth themselves, the twenties, singles…

A new update this afternoon will fix a few bugs and add language support. So if you want to translate the plugin, go for it!

Do you have any other tips on using the Church Admin plugin?

New Version

Okay, the rewrite has been tested and so far everything is working smoothly. I’ve just updated and so 0.4.41 is available now.

The directory is stored differently to 0.3x – every person has their own record within a household now – if you are upgrading it should be smooth, BUT…

  • I’ve assumed everyone is male – so you will want to edit that.
  • It will be worth going through and editing addresses so that geolocation is set then you can use the new google map features.
  • To show a member address list the shortcode need updating to [church-admin type=address-list member_type_id=1 map=1]
  • Set up a service venue – which will give you some more functionality like – a map of small groups centred on the venue [church-admin-map]
  • Have fun – if you run into prblems – please use the support forum.
  • If it breaks on you, don’t panic – you can revert back. check out this blog post and use the old version

Please donate the cost of a cup of coffee if the plugin serves your church website well – more updates soon!

every blessing