Red top and blue jeans waiting by Clarks

This week Greg and Erik had sought God for prophetic clues about who were meant to be encountering on the streets of King’s Lynn. I had my list too. Greg wasn’t too confident about his list but we eventually found the guy in "red top and blue jeans" who was "waiting" by another clue "Clarks". He was in a group of teens from the college and eventually let us pray for him egged on by his friends. He wasn’t healed but then I showed one of his friends our list of clues and she said her mum fitted most of my list – red hair, Jennifer, gall bladder and knees. She let us pray for her mum standing there, but wouldn’t ring her. We gave them leaflets and went on our way. All these people are like the lost coin in the parable – treasure worth looking for and talking to!

We are growing in confidence in hearing from God prophetic clues. We are growing in boldness at approaching people, but we need to hone our rapport building skills and healing prayer.

Erik got in to some long conversations with people on benches, so we had some fun!

Last Sunday 2 out of the three people Erik & Greg did questionnaires with turned up at Church (one seemed to be a Christian and the other guy really needs Jesus). It strikes me that I have been too focused on non-interactive means of inviting people into the plant like leafleting and websites, alongside of friendship evangelism. It certainly feels like boldly talking people on the streets is bearing fruit!

We are looking to God for our first healing on the streets -at least half of the miracles in Acts were outside meetings, so it should become noramtive for us too!

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Book Review

It seems like all the bloggers are reviewing "The Reason for God" so I wont! Matt Hosier’s comparison of it with "Vintage Jesus" is the best review I have seen. I have just finished "The Ultimate Treaure Hunt" by Kevin Dedmon.

His big idea is from the parable of the lost coin. People are the most important treasure that God is looking for and so lost people are well worth us investing time in the search for.. The adventure we can join is searching for them using prophetic gifting. He uses the example of Ananias (the one that didn’t get killed for lying!) in Acts 9 as a kind of model for following prophetic leading for evangelistic encounters.

It’s a very inspiring book with lots of great stories of success and is honest about failures. He talks a lot about pressing through apparent failure to get to the treasure! It was quite a challenging read although it is what I would call a "bath book" – one that is very readable in the bath and doesn’t require too much processing!

My one downpoint. He talks a lot about kindness leading to repentance and gives biblical examples – there isn’t a lot about conviction of sin, but then Alpha isn’t strong on that either!

Well worth a buy. Our next treasure hunt will be more practically informed by this very readable book!

On buying books – I recently discovered through Amazon marketplace – they are very cheap and efficient and so it is often worth looking there before Amazon, especially if you want quantities. I’ve just bought a case of NIV Witness Bibles for £78 – £50 cheaper than anywhere else. I recommend them with integrity – as they don’t offer an affiliatte scheme!

Our first treasure hunt

We had heard about "prophetic treasure hunts" where you seek God for some words of knowledge for people on the street and pray for people to be healed, saved and delivered. We had also heard of Simon Holley’s experience of it no going well and then breakthrough.

There’s also a video account of it on The Newfrontiers E-connect magazine

I’m just about to go out with our frontier project students. I think I’ve had a word about a guy in a hat at the bus station with a back problem. So will come back later to tell you what happened!

EDIT: 2 hour later

Okay we had some fun! All a bit nervous except Erik who is bold as brass!

The second guy with a hat we found, was a friend of Greg’s with a knee ligament problem – we prayed for him and he was chuffed. It only hurts after walking a while, so we couldn’t tell what had happened. He was on his way back to uni at Leeds, so we hope he finds Mosaic Church up there!

Eventually, we found the guy in the hat with a back problem after asking about 5 guys with hats – it’s a warm day, but hats are popular today! He was in a hurry and didn’t want praying for!

The other word we had, we didn’t find, but we did get to pray for a guy called Brian with dodgy legs who was blessed to be prayed for. He has a our number and will ring if he is healed.

We had fun, got over some of our nerves and are ready to do it again next week!