Secret Sound Finally Guessed

Our local radio station KLFM’s secret sound has finally been won at £2790. What we heard on air, every day for months, was only part of the story, part of the whole sound, which made it very hard to guess.

KLFM’s hard secret sound!

There were hundreds of attempts at answering, all wildly wrong. It wasn’t a stapler,A ring binder, someone clicking their fingers, or a stapler!

Here’s the full sound…

It was cheque being torn from a cheque book (an increasingly rare thing these days!)

It got me thinking about the times when we react when we only know half the story. Very often we get it wildly wrong too! That is why James 1:19 tells us “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry…” – we have two ears and one mouth. James is telling us to use them in correct proportion! When we take the time to listen well, we get the whole story and very often won’t end up saying somthing rash or that we will regret!

What tips do you have for listening well, to avoid sticking your foot in it?


I’m so excited, this just arrived from ICMBooks Direct who trade on Amazon and with their own website (Their Amazon store is often slightly cheaper).

“The Gospel According to John” by D.A. Carson is the definitive commentary on John. I’m looking forward to spending the first half of next year digging into John at The Gateway Church – it’s all about Jesus! Along the way we’ll get to dig into prayer, grace, heaven, the Church, the Spirit, the trinity to name a few highlights. Can’t wait!

ICMBooks is a gem of bookshop in Northern Ireland. It’s based in a purpose built warehouse on a farm in the middle of nowhere! Last time I was across the water, a friend took me down there. It’s piled high with quality Christian books and cheap prices.

They have over 10,000 books in stock and are open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm with late night opening until 8.00 pm on Thursday evening. It’s well worth a visit!

Their address is ICM Books,115 Dunkirk Road, Lurgan, Craigavon, BT66 7AR. Northern Ireland.

If you can’t get therr in the flesh, please use them on Amazon when you buy Christian books to support an outstanding Christian run bookshop and enjoy the best price (usually!)

Not sure why you are called to King’s Lynn?

I’m pretty sure God has called people to move to King’s Lynn, perhaps you are one of them, but you are not sure why. Well done for obeying God – Abraham did the same in Gen 12.

You are not alone either! The first time I drove under the South Gate was in 2006. God spoke to me clearly “Call it The Gateway and it will be a gateway for the Gospel to go to the nations.” I was on my way to a Norfolk Newfrontiers Leaders Prayer meeting, where we would be praying about whether to plant a church in this great town. It was clear that God was calling me privately in the car and then at the prayer meeting, there was a prophetic ambush for the public call.

You may be wondering why God called you to move here. There are three church plants, that I know of, currently here alongside some great Gospel preaching churches already working her. Humanly speaking, that is bonkers in a town of 45,000 people. But God gave a clear call to each of the church plant leaders and we often pray together because we are excited about what God is going to do. God is on the move and we are believing for a move of God here! So in God’s purposes 3 plants in a small market town is right on! There are 43,000 people drifting to a lost eternity and 130,000 living in the area with the same lack of destiny.

We have been here 5 years now and we are building a Gateway for the Gospel to goto the nations – I was really excited to see our first international convert a few weeks ago.

The Gateway Church gathers on Sundays and in small groups, does Healing on the Streets every week in town and runs a fortnightly International Cafe and International Youth club as outreach projects.

If you are not sure why you are called to come to King’s Lynn, then why not try us out and join in what God is doing with us? all the details are at

Just Walk Across the Room

The Church I lead has plateaued. It is pretty common with church plants. They grow rapidly at the start, because they are so hungry for growth they are the most welcoming and friendly church in the area. For eighteen months or so the growth is rapid and consists of those who are new to the area, those who had given up on church and are willing to have another crack at it and one or two who have left other churches. And during those eighteen months you feel like that speed of growth will continue, but it doesn’t and you need to grow through people becoming Christians.

We have been stuck around the mid 50s for a while and one of our guys, a Spirit filled, fiery retired Methodist minister challenged us to pray for one convert each this year. I’m taking it seriously! So, being the avid book reading type that I am, I grabbed a book of the shelf, one that I had read before, but knew was worth another look…

It’s “Just Walk Across the Room” by Bill Hybels. I was hooked quickly – see I’m tired of evangelistic fads – Evangelism Explosion, Contagious Christian, strategic level spiritual warfare, personal tracts and treasure hunting. Hybels is too – in the first few chapters he relates some of the fads and then tells us “Staying attuned to and cooperating with the Spirit” is the highest value for personal evangelism. I was hooked!

Keeping that central thrust in mind, Hybels exhorts us to live in 3D
1)Develop friendships – I have found that harder and slower in King’s Lynn than anywhere else, but we are getting there
2) Discover Stories – especially looking for commonalities, being sensitive and always asking good questions
3) Discern next steps – try to catch the often unintentional, but crystal clear, signals people send. Thus aim to be a resource provider for next steps towards Christ.

When we stay tuned into the Spirit and ask him for opportunities – we get promptings to “Just walk across the room” and put living in 3D into practice. Bill is such a visionary and he has a way with words and stories to get you to want to get up and out there doing it!

In later chapters he talks of the power of the story – coming up with a 100 word before and after of coming to faith by focusing on before and after key phrases that sum up your life. He then gives simple models for when you actually get to share the Gospel and exhorts us to pray for open doors.

In one chapter he reminds us about the “Matthew Parties” principle of having fun socials where you mix old-life and new-life friends together and trust God to do something mystical and miraculous as they mix together. We’ve always loved doing that and I’m filled with fresh faith for them, especially as we get to try out our new outdoor pizza oven!

“Just Walk Across the Room” is a fantastic book – quite the best on personal evangelism I have ever read. I’m looking forward to putting it into practice afresh over the coming decades!
– Buy “Just Walk Across The Room” from Amazon, if you don’t already have it!

A memorable year for The Gateway

2010 was a memorable year for us – some great highs and some tough lows. It’s good to look back at what God has done, to stir faith for what He will do. So here are some of the highlights for The Gateway Church in 2010.


It was a year of laying deep foundations. We kicked of the year with a mini series on worship with David Hutton’s four songs we sing, followed by my exhortation to live in the good of 1 Cor 14:26 – when you come together, everyone has a… We have seen great progress in the bringing of contributions in our meetings this year!
In February we were exhorted to “establish your heart” – an exhortation to settle Jesus is Lord and live for Him.

We began to invite in apostolic and prophetic ministies to lay good deposits among us. Mike Bollinger’s prophetic preach and ministry on “Jacob – no longer 2nd best” was helpful to many who live under a shadow of performance.
Edward & Fridah Buria’s visit in October was amazing and truly apostolic, raising faith for a move of God and laying some helpful foundations in an under-hyped way was so releasing!

We saw new gifting emerge and flourish amongst us – including David Taylor’s first preach at The Gateway and Tiff’s growing confidence in leading worship.

Memorable Moments

For me, the Help for Heroes Chinese Buffet and Charity Auction was a highlight to the year, 120 people, a mountain of food, lots of lots and a pile of cash for a good cause was a great evening.

In October The Gateway Church transitioned from being a church plant to a church as David Hutton & I became elders. In one sense nothing changed, but in another everything changed as the Church became established.

The recent carol service was another highlight – a packed room of people, the band doing an amazing job and some surprisingly good acting from Katie, Ches and David “Mr Nowhere Man” Hutton!

Personally I had a great March month of celebrations of hitting the big 40, which finished with a long weekend in Prague – a beautiful city. We found some great places to eat in Norfolk including The Oak in Fakenham and The Yurt which is unique. I read some great books – Isaiah – God saves sinners by Ray Ortlund – which has helped make sense of that great Biblical book. Straight to the Heart of Acts by Phil Moore and Inside Out by Mike Betts have also been great reads!

Earlier in the year

I talked about a prophetic word of being at a nice spacious plateau with three hills ahead of higher places in God for us. In the prophecy people wanted to stay on the plateau and I was exhorted to stir vision and joy for the journey to get up the hills. I felt the hills, represented our small groups, leadership development and evangelistic success – all of which were keeping us plateau’d. We have been working on all three and I am delighted with our small groups and leadership development program and am calling on God for our first adult new disciples to come through.

All in all a great year with much to look forward to. Please give your lives to the Local church, our best prayers, our giftings, our finances. Let’s work hard at establishing our hearts, pressing on in grace and love for one another and see God do something amazing through us!

Russian Ministry Part 2

Matroska dolls

This year we want to see a Russian speaking small group established at The Gateway Church from among the 4500 or so Eastern Europeans in the area. Daniel & Alisa Foytik are key in that – last year they did a great job making contacts and serving the Russian speaking community – to the point that we have had some glowing testimonials…

Louise Heinemann, Project Manager,KLARS

KLARS is a small local charity, providing advice and information for newcomers in their own languages (for details see We average 410 clients a month, but with only two full time and two part time employees, volunteers are a vital component. Alisa and Daniel Foytik helped us as volunteers throughout 2008, and were marvellous. They were cheerful and conscientious, reliable and hard working, coming regularly to our drop-in sessions, and taking endless trouble to resolve people’s enquiries and problems. They helped us and our clients enormously, in a very practical way. The queue in the waiting room is much longer now.

We miss them also in the wider context; they ran an international café which gave people background information on specific areas (e.g. health provision), thus forestalling some of the enquiries we now have to field. More importantly perhaps, they were helping to foster a group feeling amongst new arrivals, and people were beginning to share issues and help each other more. They were beginning to participate in wider community events, such as Around the World at the local Food Fortnight event. Daniel and Alisa organised a table of food which was one of the high points of last November’s event, raising awareness, and helping local people to see the positive side to migrant workers.

PC Pat Kavanagh, Norfolk Police

Daniel and Alisa Foytik are two young people who have given their time freely to assist me to break down the barriers of distrust that exist between the non-English speaking members of our community and new arrivals seeking advice and assistance from the police service. With their help I have been able to explain our processes and procedures in order to overcome the expectations that the police can solve many of the problems that new comers encounter; housing issues, rent and tenant disputes as well as pay and conditions problems relating to employers. This has resulted in less demand being placed on police services and the raising of awareness of organisations willing to provide specialist assistance and advice.

Great News…

A charity has offered to match all funding we get up to £6000! We have got £2760 pledged so far. Can you help – we would love to bring Daniel and Alisa back to see the breakthrough. 4 people gift aiding £80 a month would cover what we need to make a real impact among Russian speakers. More details at!

Russian Ministry

Last year saw an amazing start to our ministry with Russian speakers in Kings Lynn. Daniel & Alisa Foytik came over for the year from Tver, Russian on voluntary workers visas. They were fantastic at making contacts and getting right into the heart of the Russian speaking migrant worker community. Kings Lynn is a dormitory town for fruit picking, flower picking and farming and fishing industries of the Fens and the Wash and we have at least 10% of our population from the Baltic States.

They are back in Russia for a break. Alisa tried for a job in a local school, but unfortunately didn’t have enough points on the immigration scheme for a more permanent visa. We would like to bring them back for another year – we believe that the brekathrough of Russian converts getting added to the church plant is just round the corner. They ran a successful Alpha course just before they came to the end of the year.

The issue for bringing them back is finance. Our start up grant covered their costs last year and so we need to raise £1000 a month to cover their living expenses – flights, accomodation, food allowance and ministry costs. 10 people sponsoring them by £80 per month gift aided would cover that. Can you help?

Please download their newsletter and sponsorship form

God keeps the Church updated

Keith Hazell read my earlier post about Ginny Burgin’s prophecy forwarding it with comment to a number of people. With his permission, here is what he wrote as I think it is a pretty helpful on the nature of predictive prophecy…

Hi everyone
I was provoked by Andy Moyle sending me Jinnys prophecy. I looked over what God gave me at the beginning of the year
At the beginning of the year I sent a note of my impressions for Mike and Maurice and several others. It included the following:
"Economically the worst is not over in the USA and the Western World. There are other yet covered financial problems, and this will cause instabilityin the financial markets on an increased basis.
Some large iconic corporations and financial organisations will fail in the USA. The upcoming election will produce some surprises and people will be called to re align values that have traditionally connected the Religious Right to a particular political party . A new appreciation for justice and practical help to the poor will begin to challenge and change the philosophy of Evangelical groups ( this includes Charismatics"
My point is that God is speaking to those who are serious about prophecy and about the Church as evidenced in Jinnys word. We need to alert the church to the fact that God is not leaving us without counsel.


Amos 3:7 "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets." is still true today!

Times are a shaking

There’s a lot of shaking in our nation, especially financially, and God pre-warned us, so the Church can rise up and take action.

Ginny Burgin from Sheffield who brought the so called “Diana prophecy” before Princess Diana died, prophecied what is happening now. I haven’t been able to find it on the web, so here it from Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting last year…

I just feel God saying, in yet a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth, and that which cannot be shaken, will remain. I have not spoken these things to you because you do not hear, I have spoken these things to you to underline my promises to you at this time. I’ve spoken these things to you that you may write them on the depths of your heart. I’ve spoken these things to you so that you may know, that that which cannot be shaken, will be that which remain. For a shaking is coming in this nation says the Lord, for it is time for this nation to seek the Lord. And I tell you that that which has been unprecedented is the beginning of many unprecedented things which will happen in this nation. For I tell you, great challenges will come, challenges that challenge every part of where a man puts his security. For even as shoppers go out in their materialism they will be faced with eternity. Even as many celebrate international sporting events, they will be faced with eternity. For I tell you it is a time now for this nation to begin to seek the Lord. And I tell you unprecedented things will happen in government, unprecedented things will happen in the heavens over this nation, for I tell you I am about to move in this nation in a way that has not yet been seen in your day. And I tell you that I underline about a new address, I underline about a new way of being, I underline all these things in your hearts today, because they way you have known church will change says the Lord. The way you have known church, will suddenly be church in a different way, it’ll be as I build my church, it will be as I cause you to be flung into the arena in a way that you have not known before. For I tell you, even as Joseph stood and fed the nations, he knew what it was to have been down the pit, he knew what it was to have spent time in the dungeons. I tell you my people, I am for you, I am with you, but I speak to you of a shaking in this nation that is to come. But I want to speak to you about a time of blessing upon your churches that is coming in the immediate. And I want to tell you about the opportunities that you will have with those that are not even those who know my name, you will have opportunities and they will give you opportunities and they will give you finances and they will give you places to meet, and they will give you openings that are startling. But as that time closes, you will know things begin to happen in this nation, and I tell you these things because I want you to see that that time is coming for my church to rise up. And I tell you, you will meet with people who know my name, who you never thought you would meet with. You will fellowship with those who you never thought you would fellowship with and you will sing together of my name with those who you never knew you would sing with. For I tell you, my church will arise in this nation, and that which is spoken of – of spirit and word, will be meshed and melted together in the reality of church in action in this nation. For I tell you, I will build my church, and nothing, nothing will prevail against it. And I build you my people, and I put into your hearts, into your spirits my word. By faith I speak my word into you, even in these two days, I will build you in your faith. Those who have felt straightened, those who have felt squeezed in their ministry, I tell you, that squeezing is because of that which is about to outflow from your situations. That squeezing is about the unlocking that is coming into your situations. For I am releasing now, I am bringing you into a time of releasing, the releasing of many more young men, young women who will go out for my purposes. But I tell you, it is not a day for you that are older to retreat, it is not a day for you who feel that it is time now for you to pass on the baton, there will be no baton passing in that sense because there is still much for you to do, for I have mountains for the Calebs here that are yet to be handed out. Therefore, know and stand firm on all the promises that I am giving you in these days, and I will add to them because there will be a shaking, and that that cannot be shaken, will be that which remains.

At Prayer and Fasting this week, we spent an hour or so praying into it. It is time for the church to rise up, pray and have confidence in the promises of God. This Sunday I am going to preach on the second half of Dan 11:32 ” But the people who know their God will stand firm and take action” The AV says do “mighty exploits”

In King’s Lynn we had a mighty word about a wave of the Spirit that is to come that will overwhelm us if we are not prepared, so we have some work to do to be ready what God is doing in our nation and the nations!