Emergency WordPress Password Reset Plugin

If your wordpress gets hacked somehow, you should reset all your user’s passwords as a precaution. there are some other things you should do here. Read about it!

This plugin does just that! It creates new passwords for every user, so hackers are stopped and then it will email all your users a password reset link, so they can create a new password – so watch out if you have more than a hundred on a shared host (they won’t like a mass email out)

It’s available on the WordPress repository here

I advise you to change the SALTS first in wp-config.php using wordpress.org SALT generator – that forces everyone logged in off!

One thought on “Emergency WordPress Password Reset Plugin”

  1. This is a very handy plugin. I would like to make a feature suggestion: Add a settings screen that will allow for a custom email message. That way the users can see it’s coming from the administrator with a personal message as opposed to thinking it may be a spam / pfishing message if it’s a generic “Your password has been changed” message.

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