Good Times

We have been overjoyed to have lots of visitors over the last couple of weeks -15 people most of whom have returned!

I had an amazing time at Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting last week. As afamily of churches, we have recognised the “Lakeland outpouring” as anauthentic move of God, while not endorsing all the teaching (some ofwhich is pretty troubling). At Prayer & Fasting, I got picked outof the crowd with the words “Andy Moyle, you will go home a changedperson”. For the next hour or two I was saturated with the HolySpirit’s presence and received some stirring prophecies.

LastSunday we encountered the Holy Spirit in our gathering and again in myLife Group. Jesus promised that those who believe in Him would havestreams of living water flowing from within them in John 7. That wasat the Feast of Tabernacles where the priest would annually enact theEzekiel 47 prophecy of a river flowing from the Temple bringing lifeand healing by pouring a jug of water into a funnel at the side of thealtar. Jesus came as God dwelling amoing us (John1) – literally tabernacling among us. He came as the Temple – the place of God’s presence on the earth. Believers are also Temples of the Holy Spirit through our union with Christ and the baptism in the Spirit. I amexpectant that as we get saturated with the Holy Spirit afresh, we willbe more and more bringing salvation life and healing to those aroundus. Jesus promised that when the Spirit comes on us, we get power to be witnesses where we are at (Jerusalem) in our regions (Judea), amongpeople groups that don’t like us much (in Samaria) and to the ends of the earth.

More Lord!

Pressing On

We’ve beenpreaching through Philippians and next Sunday Andy King will be in thelast half of chapter 3 "Not that I have already obtained all this, orhave been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for whichChrist Jesus took hold of me"

Whata power packed verse – Jesus laid hold of us with His amazinggrace and to come to King’s Lynn to plant a church that will plantchurches in the Fens and around the Wash. We’ve only started, but havebeen amazed by the hand of God. We are now pressing on to take hold ofwhat Jesus wants to do in and through us!

Please pray for us…

Sundays have been growing steadily, especially since we moved venue.



It has been an exciting few weeks church planting in King’s Lynn.

TheNewday youth event went fantastically – 60 young people turned up fortraining in evangelism, leafletting and street evangelism. About 8,000leaflets were delivered. We have photos at

Ithas taken a few weeks to notice any effect from Newday, but we have twofamilies planning to come over the next few weeks as a result ofgetting a leaflet!

We are planning to have Russian translation atour Easter Guest Service and Daniel & Alisa have been invitingRussian friends like there is no tomorrow. Please pray for first fruitsof salvation in the Russian community in Lynn.

I’ve really enjoyed diving into Mark Driscoll’s new book Vintage Jesus – very clear on the humanity and divinity of Jesus.

Click to buy your copy from Amazon!

I’ve just finished the Together at East conference website. It’s going to be in October at Pontins near Lowestoft.
I’mreally excited about the conference which will be gathering theNewfrontiers Churches in the East of England. It will be a greatopportunity for deepening fellowship, seeing our kids saved, blessedand filled with the Spirit in a bigger setting and getting our peoplecaught up in apostolic mission.

Superb Break

We have had a great Christmas break -just what we needed – 10 daysof having time with friends and family, feasting and having a lot offun. We went to Sandringham to see the Queen on Christmas Day and endedup having a brief chat with Princess Anne. Taking a friend to Londonfor their first time was definite highlight, even though I was runninga temparature that day. It was so relaxing I didn’t pick up a book thewhole 10 days!

I’ve enjoyed praying through the attributes of God using the Navigators 30 days of Praying the names and attributes of God. I’ve also been continuing with their Book at a time Bible Reading plan. Both those resources are well worth a free download.

I’vetaken to listening to sermons while on my cross trainer every morning(although the last two weeks I’ve not been on, due to a cold and thusput on some Christmas weight!). I’ve not wanted to listen to heavystuff while exercising and wanted faith building stuff – so Bill Johnson’s free download of the month have been on most of last term. David Holden’s "Holy Spirit in the Church"seminar from last years Brighton conference has been stirring too.Currently I’m listening to an outstanding talk by Mark Driscoll on preaching Jesus – awesome stuff and long too!

TheGateway Church is moving venue this Sunday to Greyfriars Primary School- which is far more central and warmer and cleaner. We are lookingforward to a season of continued growth as we build towards ourofficial launch in February.

We are holding a newday event foryoung people at the end of half term. It will be a day of training andpractical evangelism to publicise The Gateway Church – details are at

Ian McCormack


We hosted Ian McCormack on Thursday evening. It was great! About 70turned up including around 20 from our mother Church in St Ives (Thanksguys!).

Ian told the story of the night he died and saw a glimpseof eternity – he spoke for 1hr and 15mins but was very easy to listento.

One of our teens became a Christian and as did a lady from St Ives. Someone else re-dedicated their life to the Lord.

Igot to meet some new people from town including a couple who don’t yetknow Jesus and so we will be meeting people for coffee and chat!

Two other folks said they’d come back this Sunday.

So we are pretty encouraged.

Weare now gearing up for our first carol service – which is always agreat excuse to invite everyone we know and Tom, Dick and Harry too.

Great News

From Terry Virgo’s Blog

Thelast time I checked, the Pope was still a Catholic, the death rate wasstill hovering at around 100% and the chances of getting Mark Driscollto speak at a conference in the UK in 2008 were averaging at zero.

It is therefore with great delight that I can announce that we have, with the aid of certain friends (for an inspired guess see Adrian Warnock’s blog), arranged for him to be our main visiting speaker at Together on a Mission in Brighton next year, 8-11 July 2008.

I’m chuffed – Mark Driscoll has been a great influence through his books and preaching!

Apostolic Vision and This Evening

Yesterday I was with the Norfolk Newfrontiers Elders as we pondered a synopsis of David Devenish’s paper on the nature of apostolic ministry, given by Maurice Nightingale. Maurice

Theapostolic ministry is more about revelation than function – the"mystery made known" is a key theme of Paul’s apostolic ministryespecially as expressed in the book of Ephesians. That mystery revealedis the Gospel of the Kingdom – which is rooted in OT promises andprophecies not fully understood then, but now revealed!

The people of God is the Church made up of Jewish and Gentile believers who are now "one new man in Christ".

The now reigning Christ – our apostolic mandate is to bring the blessing of the dynamic rule of God’s Kingdom into the world today.

The Temple of God "TheOld Testament tabernacle and temples were symbolically designed topoint to the cosmic eschatalogical reality that God’s tabernaclingpresence, formerly limited to the holy of holies, was to be extendedthroughout the whole earth" – The people of God, filled with the Spiritare the dwelling place of God on the earth – the New Temple.

The Blessing of the nations God’s intention was always that all the nations would be blessed – Gen12:1-3. We have been sent to every nation to make disciples.

Headystuff and has huge practical implications as we live out our dailylives at work and plant churches with that worldview constantly in mind!


Wehave got Ian McCormack coming to share his story of the night he died!We are looking forward to a mighty time and to gathering a few morepeople into the Church plant.

Church Planting Conference

Jan and I havejust got back from the Newfrontiers Church Planting Conference near StNeots. There were 60 people there – it is so stirring to be with otherChurch planters at all different stages from folk still deciding whereand when, to those who have gathered a small group, to those who arenearly ready to become a full blown Church.

We had lots of time to sit and chat with people and encourage and stir one another.

Colin Baron did an outstanding session based around Acts 18. Tony & Anne Thompson shared 5 key things they had learned in planting Churches, which was really helpful. David Stroud was very helpful on handling opposition, using Nehemiah 6.

The Q&A session was very helpful – one of the points has led to a forum on this site for planters to help one another.

Onething that was quite noticeacle was the age range of the planters -most were well over 30. Clearly the 20s in our movement needs stirring,envisioning and challenging to step up to the plate and lead plants.

Settling In

We are pretty much settled in to King’s Lynn now. The kids love their new school and are making friends.

We have delivered about 12000 leaflets now and so far had 31 visitorsthrough the doors! We have one non-Christian on Alpha which is exciting.

This week a super Russian couple, Daniel and Alisa came to visit with aview to moving up to be with us to reach out to the Russian speakingcommunity. We went to the two Eastern European Supermarkets and hadsome good conversations – well okay, they did!!!

Our latest newsletter is on line – click here

Please pray for
1) 3 more house sales to get the team here
2) Finances to house the Russians
3) A mighty time of guests and salvations when Ian McCormack comes on the 6th December
4) Our Alpha guest finds Christ and is baptised in the Spirit