Reflecting Back

This half term break has given a chance for a little reflection.

God has really grown us in faith and trusting His word. He clearlycalled us to come to King’s Lynn and heaped some mighty prophecies overus to excite us with what He will do here.

We have seen Him do some amazing things to get us here and to stretch us in trusting Him right to the 11th hour.

We wanted to be here to get the kids into school for September so weset a deadline for selling of the end of June, or we would look atrenting.

We were told that it would be impossible for the twins to get intoGaywood School as it had been oversubscribed for the last 5 years or so.

We found a house that we liked near the school that looked okay andprayed we’d sell to buy it and get into catchement area for the school.

Nearing the end of June we had had very little interest in our oldhouse and were leaning heavily on God. Suddenly we find out the kidshave got into Gaywood with us living 50 miles away – a miracle!!!
The house we had wanted sold, but we had heard prophetically we hadbeen looking at the wrong house and that was why ours hadn’t sold!

We went to a parents evening that week and met a couple whose friendswere emigrating and were desparate to sell. So we knocked on the doorat 9pm and loved it!
Our house sold at the 11th hour 5pm 30th June!!!

When it came to moving the plan had been to move mid August to givesome settling in time before term started. But things were delayed! OurEnd of August moving aim was getting a little hairy to say the least.God did something in me those weeks nailing the issue of worry andtrust ( I hope for a good while!!!)

We exchanged contracts in the car at 2pm and completed at 5pm on the 31st August. We got our furniture in on the 1st.

What have I learned? Trust God at His word!

We are growing slowly and laying good foundations.
Here’s a graph of attendance the last few weeks…


Mad few weeks

We finally moved on Friday 31st August – exchanged and completed on thesame day – butunfortunately the person with the keys had gone out andso we didn’t get in until 8.30pm. Our new neighbours rescued us withtea and wine! We had our first Sunday meeting on Sunday the 2nd – whichwent well – 23 adults and 15 kids. Most exciting is that we have aguest signed up for Alpha – which is a great course for introducing theChristian faith. Janet started teaching at Greyfriars Primary School inKing’s Lynn on Monday 3rd and Rebecca started year 2 at Gaywood Primaryon the Weds. The twins started reception this Weds (10th Sept) soeveryone is beginning to settle into routine. I have been continuingthe leafletting – to publicise the start of the Church plant and toadvertise Alpha. Over the next few weeks I am arranging to meet some ofthe other local pastors to build friendship as we all look to reachLynn and the surrounding area with the Gospel.

Big Drop

The Big Dropwas a great success. 60 people came and delivered 8000 leaflets in 2hours. The map is half done. We had people from as far afield as Leeds,Huntingdon and Aylsham. There were some very positive conversations anda number of people had already heard of us! I’d been expecting 30 toturn up, so double that was great.

Everyoneis really excited about our first public meeting on Sunday 2nd at 4pm.The venue were are meeting have been really welcoming and friendly andthere is a great atmosphere there. We still haven’t moved yet, we aremeant to be completing on Friday. It’s Wednesday 29th August 8.30am andwe haven’t exchanged contracts. We have got removers provisionallybooked to pack tomorrow, so we need to hear today if we are moving thisweek. Next week Janet starts a teaching job and the kids begin schoolover the next two weeks. It all feels a little 11th hour to say theleast.

Champing at the bit

We are champing at the bit to be in King’s Lynn. We’d been gunning forthe 15th to move, but the legal process has been delayed, so we arekicking our heels in Huntingdon. Our kids are all with grandparents inNorthern Ireland, so that we could pack and unpack easily, but they arenow going to be back before we move. These things always keep us on ourtoes, trusting God! We want to be there next week if we can, butdefinitely before the school term starts in September. On Sunday 26thAugust we are having The Big Drop. We are aiming to deliver a leafletto every home in King’s Lynn – nearly 20,000 in all in 2 hours! If weget 100 people to help it is possible. 100 people is a tall order, butperhaps you could help us. We are starting at 3pm and there will be hotdogs and drinks afterwards!

map of discovery centre

We are starting at the North Lynn Discovery Centre off Columbia Way in king’s Lynn. Click here for a more detailed map.

Please pray

1) for our house move to happen the week commencing 20th August (will need a minor miracle!)

2)For Andy & Jenny’s house to resell fast, for Doreen’s & Kathy’shouses to sell and for Johnny and Lucy’s move to finally complete(their move has been a nightmare).

3) For the Big Drop to gather some folk for the church plant

4) For some non-Christian guests on our Alpha Course, which is advertised on the back of the Big Drop flyer.

Schools & Sweden

SchoolsWe had the great news on Monday (18th June’07) that our kids have got into Gaywood School even though we haven’tmoved yet, which is a great relief. It sounds like a fairly 11th hourthing as the classes are being planned this week!

House MovesWe still haven’t sold yet, but an intriguing looking house that fitsour wish list is on the market in Lynn – we are checking it out onThursday.

Sweden Jan and Iwent to Sweden at the weekend to a small village in the South calledRockneby. we visited a Newfrontiers Church there called Klippan (Rock).

markus and ellenWe stayed with Markus and Ellen and got on like a house on fire! Onthe Saturday we had lunch with Markus and Ellen and Robert and Sofiaand had great time building friendship and finding out alll about theexcellent work they are doing with immigrants and rock music!

swedish international eveningmolly malone

N4N Day

We had a great time at the Norfolk for the Nations "Rural Churches" dayin Norwich. Around 250 people gathered for worship, a stirring wordfrom Mike Betts, seminars and prophetic ministry.Mike’s preach on Acts 4 was apostolic for us as a group of Churches andChurch Plants in Norfolk. Touching Heaven, Changing Earth was its titleand in summary Mike imparted the following 4 truths!

1) Hitting the wallv23 "on their release" The healthiest place to be as at the end of yourown confidence and capability, so you have to rely on God working inyou.

2) Touching heaven v24f "when they heard it…they lifted their voices to God" Prayer has to be our first response.Healthy prayers remind God what He has said!

3) Changing Earthv29 "Enable your servants… stretch out yoru hands" They didn’t askGod to remove the problem, but for heavenly resouces to deal with it.God enabes us and anoints us when we have hit the wall and ask Him to!

4) Receive the Spirit v31- the direct answer to the prayer for God’s enabling. One of the keybenefits for us what meeting some of the folk planning to move toKing’s Lynn for the first time – some of who are committing to run withus and other were looking in! It seems to me that the Norfolk churchesreally are building like "a family on a mission together". They reallydo embody friends first on a mission. I love that – sometimes we arejust too task oriented! What we are enjoying as we move to Norfolk isgenuine friendship, great times of fun and food and ministry andapostolic purpose!

Jan and I are off to Sweden to encourage and bless aNewfrontiers Church there called KlippanThey are based in Rockneby, which is a small village about 15 kms northof Kalmar on the south-east coast of Sweden. They have a funky band,which is on myspace. Do pray that we have an excellent time building friendships, encouraging and bringing ministry!

Exciting Days

Our May prayer letter is online at Do have a look and pray if you get a chance.

I’ve just got back from a Bill JohnsonConference at St-Andrews Chorleywood. He’s a signs and wonders guy thattalks a lot sense. So I came back fired up, taught up and with anarmful of books to digest.The supernatural power of a transformed mind is the one I will be reading first – I’m sure it will be challenging theologically and practically!

We are champing at the bit to get to Lynn full of prophetic purpose andfire. We are gathering team and starting our first Life Group nextweek.

I’ve just watched Mark Driscoll’s "banned" Church planting video.He’s typically blunt but right on track. To win the Church plant war-getting established as a Church to reach Lynn – we need three thingsat the start
1) The Man who will lead – me!
2) The Mission – get a bunch of men gathered, inspired, disciplined andinstructed to get on board. When you win the men, you win the familiesand thus the war!
3) The Message of Jesus Christ – who came to save us and change us.

Do watch the video, it is inspiring. It was "banned" at a conferencebecause of the criticism that he doesn’t mention female Churchplanters. He talks about men leading. Mark’s clear stance on Churchgovernment is elders, deacons and saints – He points out elsewhere thatBiblically eldership is male. Mars Hill has female and male deacons andall believers are saints. Right on!

Website and House Moves

A website is a good tool for plugging a Church plant nowadays.

We have just got a better siteup and running. I’m pleased with the design. Over the coming months wewill add more pages and features, but for now I hope it gives a goodshowcase for The Gateway Church plant.

I’ve been learning about the joys of Google adwords for getting peopleto look at your site. Basically it’s about the sponsored links on theright hand side of a google page. It gets your site on the first pagefor the keywords wanted – like "King’s Lynn Church". Clicks from thereto our site cost us a small sum. Already we have made some contactsfrom people finding us through the sponsored links.

House Move
Our house still hasn’t sold. We have had a few viewers but no offers asyet. We have fallen in love with a house in Lynn already, so aredesparate for an offer so we can make an offer!
Our twins haven’t got into the school that Rebecca has a place at inGaywood because it is oversubscribed. We are going to appeal, but wereally need to have an address there to do so.
Please do pray for our house sale and purchase and that all three kids end up at the same school.

Life Groups

life groupsOur first Life Group is starting on Tuesday 8th May 8pm at our house.Life stands for "Living In Fellowship & Evangelism" – it will be afamily on a mission to reach lost people in King’s Lynn and thenations! We are also hosting a prayer meeting for the Church plant at our house on Sunday 22nd April at 7pm. Do get in touch if you want to come either through our contact form or my mobile +44 (0)7905 913291

Latest Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available for downloadas a PDF file. We are currently praying for… 1) Jobs for peoplemoving – at least 2 have big asks to make over the next few days andweeks. 2) Houses to sell – ours has been on the market one month so far3) Baltic/Russian language speakers to help reach people in King’s lynnfrom thos nations 4) A young family to join – so our kids have otherkids in the plant 5) A drummer!