Itunes Compatible Podcast Plugin

This plugin is an mp3 manager for WordPress – you can set up speakers, events and upload and manage files. An itunes compatible RRS file is created.

Simply upload rm_podcasts v0.3 to your plugins directory and activate.

mp3s are stored in the “media” sub-directory of uploads directory, which is created if not already there.
Set up your podcast in the RM Podcasts>Settings page – you can adjust your templates and the itunes compatible RSS.

Add some speakers and an event and then upload mp3 files -the max file size is shown on the form, according to your server settings.
The shortcode [RM_PODCAST] loads the files which use the <audio> tag with some cross browser javascript/flash magic to make sure it works on all browsers and devices.

  • Specifying an event_id will show all mp3s for an event e.g. [RM_PODCAST event_id=1]
  • Specifying a speaker_id will show all mp3s for a speaker e.g. [RM_PODCAST speaker_id=2]
  • Specifying a file_id will show an mp3 e.g. [RM_PODCAST file_id=3]

All shortcodes with ids are shown in the relevant areas of the plugin.

Hope you find it useful.

Here’s a demo…
[RM_PODCAST event_id=”2″]

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