Ministry in Great Yarmouth

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We spent yesterday with Kings Churchin Great Yarmouth. We’ve been going around different Churches to preachand share what we are doing in King’s Lynn, which has generated someinterest from people who could move and join the initial team.We had a great day in Yarmouth. The worship rocked and there was lotsof contributions from the people. I preached on "What’s on you?" -using the story of Saul to make the point that we need dynamicencounters with the Holy Spirit and daily choices to keep walking inthe Spirit. To make sure that what is on us is of God and notourselves, or the enemy. Fifteen or so people responded for prayerministry. King’s Church is a church of 110 adults, with a fantasticbuilding which is used greatly for the community. They estimate some250 people coming through the building each week. They are yet anotherexample of the great use buildings can be in recahing out to thecommunity. The excellent reception/coffee bar area meant that folkstuck around for an hour after the meeting chatting in comfortablechairs and around tables. Lunch with Andy Moss, the lead elder, hiswife Helen and family and friends was great too



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