Schools & Sweden

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SchoolsWe had the great news on Monday (18th June’07) that our kids have got into Gaywood School even though we haven’tmoved yet, which is a great relief. It sounds like a fairly 11th hourthing as the classes are being planned this week!

House MovesWe still haven’t sold yet, but an intriguing looking house that fitsour wish list is on the market in Lynn – we are checking it out onThursday.

Sweden Jan and Iwent to Sweden at the weekend to a small village in the South calledRockneby. we visited a Newfrontiers Church there called Klippan (Rock).

markus and ellenWe stayed with Markus and Ellen and got on like a house on fire! Onthe Saturday we had lunch with Markus and Ellen and Robert and Sofiaand had great time building friendship and finding out alll about theexcellent work they are doing with immigrants and rock music!

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