Champing at the bit

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We are champing at the bit to be in King’s Lynn. We’d been gunning forthe 15th to move, but the legal process has been delayed, so we arekicking our heels in Huntingdon. Our kids are all with grandparents inNorthern Ireland, so that we could pack and unpack easily, but they arenow going to be back before we move. These things always keep us on ourtoes, trusting God! We want to be there next week if we can, butdefinitely before the school term starts in September. On Sunday 26thAugust we are having The Big Drop. We are aiming to deliver a leafletto every home in King’s Lynn – nearly 20,000 in all in 2 hours! If weget 100 people to help it is possible. 100 people is a tall order, butperhaps you could help us. We are starting at 3pm and there will be hotdogs and drinks afterwards!

map of discovery centre

We are starting at the North Lynn Discovery Centre off Columbia Way in king’s Lynn. Click here for a more detailed map.

Please pray

1) for our house move to happen the week commencing 20th August (will need a minor miracle!)

2)For Andy & Jenny’s house to resell fast, for Doreen’s & Kathy’shouses to sell and for Johnny and Lucy’s move to finally complete(their move has been a nightmare).

3) For the Big Drop to gather some folk for the church plant

4) For some non-Christian guests on our Alpha Course, which is advertised on the back of the Big Drop flyer.



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