Reflecting Back

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This half term break has given a chance for a little reflection.

God has really grown us in faith and trusting His word. He clearlycalled us to come to King’s Lynn and heaped some mighty prophecies overus to excite us with what He will do here.

We have seen Him do some amazing things to get us here and to stretch us in trusting Him right to the 11th hour.

We wanted to be here to get the kids into school for September so weset a deadline for selling of the end of June, or we would look atrenting.

We were told that it would be impossible for the twins to get intoGaywood School as it had been oversubscribed for the last 5 years or so.

We found a house that we liked near the school that looked okay andprayed we’d sell to buy it and get into catchement area for the school.

Nearing the end of June we had had very little interest in our oldhouse and were leaning heavily on God. Suddenly we find out the kidshave got into Gaywood with us living 50 miles away – a miracle!!!
The house we had wanted sold, but we had heard prophetically we hadbeen looking at the wrong house and that was why ours hadn’t sold!

We went to a parents evening that week and met a couple whose friendswere emigrating and were desparate to sell. So we knocked on the doorat 9pm and loved it!
Our house sold at the 11th hour 5pm 30th June!!!

When it came to moving the plan had been to move mid August to givesome settling in time before term started. But things were delayed! OurEnd of August moving aim was getting a little hairy to say the least.God did something in me those weeks nailing the issue of worry andtrust ( I hope for a good while!!!)

We exchanged contracts in the car at 2pm and completed at 5pm on the 31st August. We got our furniture in on the 1st.

What have I learned? Trust God at His word!

We are growing slowly and laying good foundations.
Here’s a graph of attendance the last few weeks…




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