Church Planting Conference

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Jan and I havejust got back from the Newfrontiers Church Planting Conference near StNeots. There were 60 people there – it is so stirring to be with otherChurch planters at all different stages from folk still deciding whereand when, to those who have gathered a small group, to those who arenearly ready to become a full blown Church.

We had lots of time to sit and chat with people and encourage and stir one another.

Colin Baron did an outstanding session based around Acts 18. Tony & Anne Thompson shared 5 key things they had learned in planting Churches, which was really helpful. David Stroud was very helpful on handling opposition, using Nehemiah 6.

The Q&A session was very helpful – one of the points has led to a forum on this site for planters to help one another.

Onething that was quite noticeacle was the age range of the planters -most were well over 30. Clearly the 20s in our movement needs stirring,envisioning and challenging to step up to the plate and lead plants.



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