Apostolic Vision and This Evening

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Yesterday I was with the Norfolk Newfrontiers Elders as we pondered a synopsis of David Devenish’s paper on the nature of apostolic ministry, given by Maurice Nightingale. Maurice

Theapostolic ministry is more about revelation than function – the"mystery made known" is a key theme of Paul’s apostolic ministryespecially as expressed in the book of Ephesians. That mystery revealedis the Gospel of the Kingdom – which is rooted in OT promises andprophecies not fully understood then, but now revealed!

The people of God is the Church made up of Jewish and Gentile believers who are now "one new man in Christ".

The now reigning Christ – our apostolic mandate is to bring the blessing of the dynamic rule of God’s Kingdom into the world today.

The Temple of God "TheOld Testament tabernacle and temples were symbolically designed topoint to the cosmic eschatalogical reality that God’s tabernaclingpresence, formerly limited to the holy of holies, was to be extendedthroughout the whole earth" – The people of God, filled with the Spiritare the dwelling place of God on the earth – the New Temple.

The Blessing of the nations God’s intention was always that all the nations would be blessed – Gen12:1-3. We have been sent to every nation to make disciples.

Headystuff and has huge practical implications as we live out our dailylives at work and plant churches with that worldview constantly in mind!


Wehave got Ian McCormack coming to share his story of the night he died!We are looking forward to a mighty time and to gathering a few morepeople into the Church plant.



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