Prophet, Priest & King

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I found Mark Driscoll’s use of prophet, priest and king a really helpful nomenclature for building good eldership/leadership teams.

  • Prophet: Word guys – doctrine, preaching etc (yes I know! Not so charismatics think the gift of prophecy=preaching! – Think of it as bringing the word of God and it wont hurt so much!!!)
  • Priest: People guys
  • King: Systems

All three, love people and want the church to grow, but specialise in different areas. The priests often think they are the only ones who really love the people. The Kings want to organise stuff so people get loved better and the Prophets love ’em by preaching at ’em!

The problem is that most church leaders recruit and attract people like them rather than recruiting for weakness.

Mark Driscoll is clearly Prophet-King

Terry Virgo Prophet-Priest

Helpful stuff and easily applied.

A lot of the rest of the teaching will need a lot of prayer and thought to process.



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