The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Book Review

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It seems like all the bloggers are reviewing "The Reason for God" so I wont! Matt Hosier’s comparison of it with "Vintage Jesus" is the best review I have seen. I have just finished "The Ultimate Treaure Hunt" by Kevin Dedmon.

His big idea is from the parable of the lost coin. People are the most important treasure that God is looking for and so lost people are well worth us investing time in the search for.. The adventure we can join is searching for them using prophetic gifting. He uses the example of Ananias (the one that didn’t get killed for lying!) in Acts 9 as a kind of model for following prophetic leading for evangelistic encounters.

It’s a very inspiring book with lots of great stories of success and is honest about failures. He talks a lot about pressing through apparent failure to get to the treasure! It was quite a challenging read although it is what I would call a "bath book" – one that is very readable in the bath and doesn’t require too much processing!

My one downpoint. He talks a lot about kindness leading to repentance and gives biblical examples – there isn’t a lot about conviction of sin, but then Alpha isn’t strong on that either!

Well worth a buy. Our next treasure hunt will be more practically informed by this very readable book!

On buying books – I recently discovered through Amazon marketplace – they are very cheap and efficient and so it is often worth looking there before Amazon, especially if you want quantities. I’ve just bought a case of NIV Witness Bibles for £78 – £50 cheaper than anywhere else. I recommend them with integrity – as they don’t offer an affiliatte scheme!


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