How people end up in church plants

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Gathering your core team

There are lots of different ways that people end upplanting churches or joining Church planting teams. Most people want to hear from God clearly before they go, but that wasn’t how it happened in Corinth! It’s well worth looking at how Paul got his core team in Acts 18.


An amazing conversion experience and call. God set him apartfor Church planting . Paul had a specific call to be a planter and some prettyspecific direction of where to go for some of them. In Acts 18 Paul just went to Corinth after leaving Athens. Thereis no prophetic word directing him recorded, he just went.

Aquila and Priscilla

Classic refugees. Every country is experiencing migration -lots of people from different nations end up all over the place. Priscilla andAquila ended up in Corinth because Claudius, an evil emperor, kicked them outof Rome.

Silas and Timothy

Were dear friends of Paul, who he asked to come.

Timothy – Paul had him circumcised and then asked him tocome. Silas was chosen by Paul, because there had been an argument in theapostolic team and Paul needed a friend!

Acts 18 shows us it is more normal to be asked to go thanto receive direct revelation from God. That is helpful when recruiting. If you are a Church plant leader, pray and make the big ask! Then give them Colin Baron’s talk from the 2007 UK Church planting conference!

If you are thinking about moving to join a Church plant Colin Baron’s talk will be pretty helpful too!



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