Handle with Prayer

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Handle with Prayer by Charles Stanley is free on Amazon Kindle at the moment and an utter gem of a book!

In eleven chapters Charles Stanley casts a vision for praying and delivers helpful pointers to developing a life that is full of prayer and breakthrough. He tells us “It is in prayer that our battles are won and lost. Therefore, it is essential that we learn how to pray.”  The chapters on fasting and the armour of God were particularly helpful.

If we want our prayers to affect God, we must:
(1) begin with a right relationship with Him through Jesus Christ;
(2) make specific requests;
(3) pray according to His will for us;
(4) pray in Jesus’ name and in keeping with His character;
(5) ask in faith that is based on God’s Word, not on feelings or on others’ opinions; and
(6) pray with the right motives. All we do, say, and pray must be to the glory of God. (p. 76).
Last week I wrote about how I read to retain information that will help. Since then I have discovered  the delightful Evernote program that stores notes for most devices! That is now why I store my quotes. I have a notebook called “Books Read” and creates a note for each quote I want to keep. The search engine on Evernote is pretty good, so that will now be my quote database!
There is so much I want to remember from “Handle with prayer” – it was a challenging and helpful book, especially on the battle of prayer.
How’s your prayer life?


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