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If you are a plumber an easy win is the annual gas boiler service – it is sensible for domestic clients to keep their gas boiler running efficiently and a legal requirement for landlords. But how do you keep track of reminding customers – you don’t want to be spending too much time going over your spreadsheet or calendar and texting, phoning or writing emails. Do you? So why not have a plumber’s mate website? If a customer is happy to be reminded, you add them to the system very easily and they will then get…

  • An automatic SMS and email one month before the service due date, asking them if they’d like to have their boiler service again.
  • If they haven’t booked, a fortnight before the due date another quick email AND SMS goes out to them, again automatically
  • If they still haven’t booked you a week after the due date, a week late SMS and email goes to them.

When you service their boiler again, log in and click the “Serviced today” button. Or you can click the “Booked” to stop them getting a reminder if you’ve taken a booking.

This is what the main edit screen looks like. As you can see you can add a new customer, edit a current customer or delete them. Searching through your customer list is easy too!

SMS Boiler Service Reminder

IPhone Message thread

Alongside this helpful reminder service, you’ll get a great website that advertises all your services to your local customers.

There are two ways to get this amazing package!

The One off!

A one off website building and setup fee of £250
Then after the first year, an annual domain and hosting charge of £50
You keep the SMS credits topped up with
Do get in touch if you would like this helpful service!

The Monthly Package

For a monthly cost of £20pm you will get the website built and setup and we will look after SMS credits for up to 250 customers per year.
For larger companies, we can adjust the price!
Do get in touch if you would like this helpful service!


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