Exciting Days

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Our May prayer letter is online at www.thegatewaychurch.info/may07newsletter.pdf. Do have a look and pray if you get a chance.

I’ve just got back from a Bill JohnsonConference at St-Andrews Chorleywood. He’s a signs and wonders guy thattalks a lot sense. So I came back fired up, taught up and with anarmful of books to digest.The supernatural power of a transformed mind is the one I will be reading first – I’m sure it will be challenging theologically and practically!

We are champing at the bit to get to Lynn full of prophetic purpose andfire. We are gathering team and starting our first Life Group nextweek.

I’ve just watched Mark Driscoll’s "banned" Church planting video.He’s typically blunt but right on track. To win the Church plant war-getting established as a Church to reach Lynn – we need three thingsat the start
1) The Man who will lead – me!
2) The Mission – get a bunch of men gathered, inspired, disciplined andinstructed to get on board. When you win the men, you win the familiesand thus the war!
3) The Message of Jesus Christ – who came to save us and change us.

Do watch the video, it is inspiring. It was "banned" at a conferencebecause of the criticism that he doesn’t mention female Churchplanters. He talks about men leading. Mark’s clear stance on Churchgovernment is elders, deacons and saints – He points out elsewhere thatBiblically eldership is male. Mars Hill has female and male deacons andall believers are saints. Right on!



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