Good Times

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We have been overjoyed to have lots of visitors over the last couple of weeks -15 people most of whom have returned!

I had an amazing time at Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting last week. As afamily of churches, we have recognised the “Lakeland outpouring” as anauthentic move of God, while not endorsing all the teaching (some ofwhich is pretty troubling). At Prayer & Fasting, I got picked outof the crowd with the words “Andy Moyle, you will go home a changedperson”. For the next hour or two I was saturated with the HolySpirit’s presence and received some stirring prophecies.

LastSunday we encountered the Holy Spirit in our gathering and again in myLife Group. Jesus promised that those who believe in Him would havestreams of living water flowing from within them in John 7. That wasat the Feast of Tabernacles where the priest would annually enact theEzekiel 47 prophecy of a river flowing from the Temple bringing lifeand healing by pouring a jug of water into a funnel at the side of thealtar. Jesus came as God dwelling amoing us (John1) – literally tabernacling among us. He came as the Temple – the place of God’s presence on the earth. Believers are also Temples of the Holy Spirit through our union with Christ and the baptism in the Spirit. I amexpectant that as we get saturated with the Holy Spirit afresh, we willbe more and more bringing salvation life and healing to those aroundus. Jesus promised that when the Spirit comes on us, we get power to be witnesses where we are at (Jerusalem) in our regions (Judea), amongpeople groups that don’t like us much (in Samaria) and to the ends of the earth.

More Lord!



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