God keeps the Church updated

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Keith Hazell read my earlier post about Ginny Burgin’s prophecy forwarding it with comment to a number of people. With his permission, here is what he wrote as I think it is a pretty helpful on the nature of predictive prophecy…

Hi everyone
I was provoked by Andy Moyle sending me Jinnys prophecy. I looked over what God gave me at the beginning of the year
At the beginning of the year I sent a note of my impressions for 2008.to Mike and Maurice and several others. It included the following:
"Economically the worst is not over in the USA and the Western World. There are other yet covered financial problems, and this will cause instabilityin the financial markets on an increased basis.
Some large iconic corporations and financial organisations will fail in the USA. The upcoming election will produce some surprises and people will be called to re align values that have traditionally connected the Religious Right to a particular political party . A new appreciation for justice and practical help to the poor will begin to challenge and change the philosophy of Evangelical groups ( this includes Charismatics"
My point is that God is speaking to those who are serious about prophecy and about the Church as evidenced in Jinnys word. We need to alert the church to the fact that God is not leaving us without counsel.


Amos 3:7 "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets." is still true today!



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