Leaders are Worshippers

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I was flicking through my journal this morning before settling down to worship and pray and came across some notes from a David Holden Prayer & Fasting talk on leaders and worship…

Effective leaders are worshippers

King David was a great leader and worshipper – like cause and effect. Whether things were going well or bad – I will worship!

Here are ten things worship does in us…

  1. Psalm 34 “Magnify the Lord with me!” To Magnify is to make bigger in perspective. When we make Jesus bigger in our perspective, it changes things. We cannot change His omnipotence, but we change our perspective, when we worship. When we fail to worship, we magnify something else – ourselves, our problems, or the devil.
  2. His presence floods us
  3. Worship fills us with hope
  4. Reminds us of truth
  5. Brings fresh vitality
  6. Keeps us spiritually alive
  7. Filled with Joy Psalm 16:11
  8. Lifts burdens
  9. Gives solutions
  10. Causes faith to arise

When we see the importance of worship, it affects the people around us.

3 bad leaders…
“I’m very distracted” leader
“Doesn’t like the worship in his own church” leader
“I’m preaching this morning” leader

Worship must be a priority for leaders!


2 comments on “Leaders are Worshippers

  1. Hi Andy, thanks for your reflections. Very helpful.

    Not convicted about your second bad leader point though. It assumes that the leader is culturally meshes with the congregation. What about the cross cultural planter? They may well encourage contextually sensitive worship that doesn’t suit their personal style… Would that make them a bad leader?

    • Good point! Although my bad leader points were just quick bullet points! I think to often we get caught up and argue about style of worship, which is cultural. Worship is not about me and what I like. It’s about connecting with God and what He likes. On the deeper level of worship connecting people with God, seeing 1Cor 14:26 in operation – then if that isn’t happening and I’m not doing anything about it, I’m not leading well.

      Good leaders can connect with God in whatever culture God puts them in (except Thrash Metal IMHO!) For instance, I enjoyed being in a Hindi speaking and singing church and worshipped and met with God.

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