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I have recently updated my Never Loose Contact form plugin for WordPress websites. I originally wrote it because I wanted a simple Spam proof contact form that saved the messages to a database, in case the emails went AWOL.

In it’s first few iterations it blocked contact form messages with more than 2 hyperlinks in them and that didn’t have a hidden form field that was inserted by Javascript when the form is shown on a web page. That second proof is the most robust to stop spammers.

I added another form field that is hidden by the style sheet that was a honeypot – a please fill me in come on to bots. But they are wise to that.

The latest iteration looks for an ever expanding array of spammy keywords.

I’m pleased to say that in the last week, the plugin has blocked 460 dodgy contact form fillouts! I went through the logs to make sure and sure enough they were all spam – unless you want to be no1 for SEO, want to look at porn or make $1000 in multiple ways while buying antibiotics.

The never loose contact form is available from the WordPress plugin repository



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