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Recent Projects

WordPress 4.5.2 produced database errors

I just updated a clients WordPress website to 4.5.2 this evening and immediately experienced database errors around the category listing. The wp-termmeta table was missing. Thankfully if you can get into phpmyadmin, the fix is simple. Select the database, click on “SQL” and run this CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS wp_termmeta ( meta_id bigint(20) unsigned
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Gazzas Clothing Store

A client wanted a simple Paypal based ecommerce site, so I built him www.gazzasclothingstore.co.uk. He had been using ebay and had some WordPress experience, so wanted a simple interface. It features a  responsive theme that looks great on all devices Simple product entry, image upload and stock control. Product categories Paypal instant payment notification back
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How to rescue a WordPress Hack

This evening, I rescued a client’s WordPress website from a hack that was so bad their host shut it down. I have a checklist that I use now to recover WordPress sites, which I’d like to share with you. Or you can hire me to do it for you as it requires some technical confidence!
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Video Recording sermons for smaller churches!

Have you noticed that you can easily embed video to sermons in the Church Admin plugin? We’ve just started doing at The Gateway Church and it is already increasing reach! It doesn’t need to be expensive Big churches can afford high end video cameras and edit suites costing thousands – but did you know you
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Has your WordPress site switched to Alpha updates

There was a problem with some localised builds of WordPress 3.9 – including UK English en_GB, where it switched the site over to beta testers mode and upgraded to an Alpha build of 4.0. For me it didn’t look different, but for some people it broke plugins. Here’s how to get back to normal 1)
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School Parents Evening Booking System

A local primary school wanted a parents evening booking system for their WordPress based site. It needed to be secure, but simple and easy to use. The public booking page looks like the picture below – parents click on their class to add their child’s name and choose from an available appointment. The form is
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A good church website needs to do a lot of things. 1) To a potential first time visitor, it needs to communicates the who, what, where and when through words, images, sermon mp3s and even video that the church is worth trying 2) To regulars, it needs to help the church flow and function in
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The leading UK tax blog needed a site refresh – a clean two column layout in a red colour scheme. Richard Murphy has worked hard to expose corporate tax-avoiders, so “content is king” was the mantra for this project. Front page excerpts Comment count in a speech bubble Nested commenting for lively discussion Big headlines
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Panache Hair Company needed a show case website for a great new hairdressing and beauty salon in King’ Lynn. Sharon and her team wanted the best hairdressing website in town to gain new clients – we are confident we have delivered! The colour scheme matches the interior of the salon. Don’t forget to get a
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Establishing My Heart was created for Andy King’s new worship album of the same name. It features mp3 tasters and Paypal ordering. The background uses the same image as the album cover. The contact form uses Akismet filtering to stop spam messages being sent out.