Ian McCormack

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We hosted Ian McCormack on Thursday evening. It was great! About 70turned up including around 20 from our mother Church in St Ives (Thanksguys!).

Ian told the story of the night he died and saw a glimpseof eternity – he spoke for 1hr and 15mins but was very easy to listento.

One of our teens became a Christian and as did a lady from St Ives. Someone else re-dedicated their life to the Lord.

Igot to meet some new people from town including a couple who don’t yetknow Jesus and so we will be meeting people for coffee and chat!

Two other folks said they’d come back this Sunday.

So we are pretty encouraged.

Weare now gearing up for our first carol service – which is always agreat excuse to invite everyone we know and Tom, Dick and Harry too.



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