International Cafe

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We have been so encouraged by the International Cafe organised byour Russian couple Daniel & Alisa Foytik. A fortnight ago 13 gueststurned up – tonight we ran out of chairs and tables! Two RussianBibles, Janet had taken to give to someone were snatched up eagerly bypeople who had never seen one before!

The aim of the cafe is tohelp Russian speaking migrant workers settle into King’s Lynn and tobuild friendship towards a Russian speaking Alpha. Each week we invitea speaker from the community to help them get to grips with life inLynn. Volunteers from The Gateway sit and chat and help our guestspractice their English.

We have an immediate need for next time – we need to buy 4 more cafetables and 16 chairs to go with them – which is going to cost a totalof £396. Does anyone want to sponsor a table or four? Please email meat



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