Prophetic Celebration

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We had a great regional celebration in King’s Lynn on Sunday. Keith Hazell spoke brilliantly and gave a fantastic prophecy over the Church and quite a number of individuals. Here’s the prophecy Keith gave to us at The Gateway…

I would like all the people from Gateway to stand up, that are here. I would like to finger you in the crowd. Make sure you are from this church if you are standing.If you like this church but are not from this church, please sit down because I want to make some prophetic words to this church right now but if you are from another church in town, I don’t want you saying that I prophesied you out of your church into this church. We want to get this straight.Ok?
I want you to all reach your hands out towards these fine people who belong to this church in Kings Lynn.
I saw by the Holy Spirit that there is like water, there is like a wave that’s gathering.I see a gathering wave. It’s like the wind has got under it and it is gathering. And the Lord says that from where you to stand on the beach it looks not much more than like a ripple. But from where he stands, it is a wave that is beginning to flow. It is a wave that is going to being to flow onto this church into this church.and God says that the cry of the heart of the people of this church has gone up to Heaven and has been heard.The Lord says that there is coming a time of the Holy Spirit in this church which requires you to prepare, which requires you to get ready. The scriptures say that Jesus said to the disciples “I want you to go up into the upper room and prepare a meal because I am going to eat with you” and God says there is a time of preparation for the church.God says don’t just look at the wave. Get ready for the wave. Don’t just say a wave is coming. Prepare for the wave. The Lord says that there will be an ingathering in this place that will cause you to be so busy that if you haven’tprepared you will be swamped and overwhelmed. The Lord says: Don’t try and make the wave happen. Don’t try to drag the wave along. Just get in the wave as it comes.Allow the Holy Spirit to do this. Thereis going to be an outflow of evangelism into this community, says the Lord.I am going to stir up the gift of God that is in some of you.There is some of you that have never done anything for God and never heard anything from God and sometimes don’t know whether God knows about you. I declare to you tonight that God is going to release you into active work in the kingdom of God.The work of the kingdom here is going to increase, says the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on you.

Over the next few weeks we will be weighing it and then teaching into preparing for the coming wave. Exciting days indeed!



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