What is your evangelism style?

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What is your evangelism style?

Bill Hybels wrote a great book "Becoming a Contagious Christian" a good few years ago – in it he argued that we are all wired with different styles of evangelism. He made his case from Scripture, giving examples of the different ways we find it easiest to reach out to friends, family and neighbours with the Gospel. I have taught it many times to encourage folks to see that being evangelistic is more than just the "confrontational" types who are happiest doing street preaching and the like!

  1. Confrontational – happy to confront people with the truth
  2. Intellectual – great at apologetics
  3. Interpersonal – great at making friends
  4. Invitational – loves inviting people to events
  5. Serving – loves to serve people in the love of Christ
  6. Testimonial – loves to tell their story
  7. Power – loves using prophecy, word of knowledge and praying for the sick (I added that one!)

I recently wrote my first facebook application "What’s your evangelism style?" – it’ll help you find which is your most natural style and point you to resources to help you….




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