Planting Churches Changing Communities

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David Stroud’s new book “Planting Churches” is now available to buy from Newfrontiers Resources. It is an excellent church planting manual. A lot of church planting books are very American in style, content and aim. This one is a British book, rooted in British experience for mainly British readers!

David tells lots of stories of his church planting adventures in the midst of practical teaching on how to plant churches that change communities. A good range of church planters, including me, were asked to contribute stories, which has really added spice to the book. The book will take you through preparing to be a planter, the qualities of a church planter and then the process of planting a Church with its ups and downs.

A very helpful book and warmly recommended by Terry Virgo as “a great encouragement to anybody pondering the possibility of starting a new church.” – do buy now!



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