Car Hire Excess Insurance

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Oops, the excess is going be expensive!
When you hire a car you are insured but there is usually a huge excess – typically £1,000. At the airport the sales agent will often ask would you like an “excess waiver insurance” or words to that effect. That will often add £10 per day to the hire price – clearly where they make their big money.

If you prebuy a “Car Hire Excess Insurance Cover” policy it can bring that price to a more worthwile £2.85 per day or you can get an annual policy if you regularly hire cars.

This time we used (which was the cheapest and covered accident, theft, towing and keyloss) or let me google “car hire excess insuarance” for you.

By the way this wasn’t financial advice, I’m not tied or earning affiliate commission and you should get proper advice to your insurance needs. Blah, Blah!



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