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Okay, the rewrite has been tested and so far everything is working smoothly. I’ve just updated and so 0.4.41 is available now.

The directory is stored differently to 0.3x – every person has their own record within a household now – if you are upgrading it should be smooth, BUT…

  • I’ve assumed everyone is male – so you will want to edit that.
  • It will be worth going through and editing addresses so that geolocation is set then you can use the new google map features.
  • To show a member address list the shortcode need updating to [church-admin type=address-list member_type_id=1 map=1]
  • Set up a service venue – which will give you some more functionality like – a map of small groups centred on the venue [church-admin-map]
  • Have fun – if you run into prblems – please use the support forum.
  • If it breaks on you, don’t panic – you can revert back. check out this blog post and use the old version

Please donate the cost of a cup of coffee if the plugin serves your church website well – more updates soon!

every blessing



Andy Moyle is a church leader and web developer. His biggest project is the Church Admin WordPress plugin and app. He also runs, mainly so he can eat pizza.