Apostolic & Prophetic

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For me one of the major blessings of being part of the Newfrontiers family is apostolic & prophetic input! Yesterday I went to Luton for a coaching session with Tony Thompson www.hopechurch.co.uk.Over the course of an afternoon, I had all my questions answered, somediagnosis of where I am at and what I need to do next as well as someawesome prayer ministry! I’d asked Tony about a recent Keith Hazel www.myspace.com/prophetkeithprophecy given at Newfrontiers senior leaders meeting. I’d askedbecause I was hearing of incredible manifestations of God’s glory thatwere part of what I heard was promised in the prophetic word. Tony gaveme his synopsis and weighing of the prophecy. His read was that therewere 3 aspects 1) The next 5 years are important – there willexponential growth, particularly in salvations 2) We will needprophetic strategy to allow for the exponential increase. eg. Joseph’s7 years of storage ready for 7 years of famine. Plan for it to keep it!3) There would be unprecendented manifestations of God’s presence -Hear God, See God and the cloud of His presence would draw people in.We need to be careful of sensationalism, but a clear weighing of thatwould be looking for signs the prophetic word is right – in otherwords, looking for manifestations of God’s presence (like the reportsof Gold dust, aromatic oil on hands), then seek God for propheticstrategy and prepare for exponential growth. I’m so hungry for all ofthat! I knew that Tony has had an impartation and so was delighted heprayed for, so I could soak in God’s presence. I was so dry! Theintriguing thing is that we have already had some prophetic words thatwill help us prepare for growth as we go to plant in King’s Lynn! 3different people have prophecied to be patient and not hasty in layingfoundations, because it will be a big church (>500 – Julian AdamsAndy Martin recently prophecied about four key foundation doctrinesthat we would need to lay in King’s Lynn – grace, spiritual authority,one new man in Christ and kingdom. Nigel from Woodside in Bedfordprophecied "Are we prepared to be overwhelmed? There are lots and lotsof lost to the Church christians in King’s Lynn. Don’t fish with a rodand line, do it with a net. Use a big event to gather – confoundconventional planting wisdom" For the asute reader one of the questionsI asked Tony was how to balance gathering big with building bigfoundations slowly!



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