King's Lynn Day

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We have just got back from our first King’s Lynn Day. 25 peoplegathered in a community hall to hear about the plant. Some came tosupport and encourage, but excitingly most that were there are thinkingabout moving. After the obligatory coffee and donuts, we worshipped Godbefore I told my story of the call to King’s Lynn. Dan Morgan, who usedto be a history teacher in Lynn, gave a fascinating potted history ofthe area. My wife Jan then did a powerpoint presentation of the area -embarassingly two of the firms we cited as major industry are nolonger. Campbells announced the closing of their soup factory the daybefore and Berol moved a few years ago! Jan and I then shared ourvision for the plant and some of the prophecies we have had spoken overus so far. The awesomeness of God speaking to ordinary people like uswhat He is going to do gives me goosebumps. When I have moments ofdoubt about the sanity of leaving an established church to start again,the prophecies stir faith again! (Prophecies to be blogged soon). Wethen spent some time in prayer for the area. After lunch, we senteveryone off on a Car Treasure Hunt around King’s Lynn. The routepassed through all the different areas of King’s Lynn, so people couldget a feel for the place, whilst answering questions. Each car hadpeople from a mixture of churches so people could get to know oneanother. That was fun and enabled people to get a real feel for theplace – the sunny weather helped. We finished the day with worship andprayer. What an awesome day and what a great opportunity to get to knowsome of the folk beginning to consider joining us on the King’s LynnChurch planting adventure.



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