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I planted The Bridge Church in St Ives in Feb 2001. Over the last five years we have grown to around 100 on a Sunday. <>Atan elders and wives conference in Feb 2006, Andy Martin prophecied whatI was already feeling – take responsibility for that area. Over theweekend, God began to stir my heart that my family would need to go tomake a Church plant into King’s Lynn happen. Stirrings
Ata regional Newfrontiers gathering, I met Grantley Watkins and MauriceNightingale and heard about the need for a pioneer leader to plant aNewfrontiers Church in King’s Lynn. They felt that God would provide arock from St Ives. I had no idea that it would be me, but began to feela responsibility for the area between St Ives and King’s Lynn – some300,000 people.


The Gateway
In May, my fellow elder and I went to aregional elders prayer meeting that was held in King’s Lynn to see whatGod was saying. As we drove into town under the Gateway, I felt Godspeak – the plant is to be called "The Gateway Church" – A Gateway forthe Gospel and the nations.

During the course of the meeting, as we looked over a map of the town,someone commented that you could take King’s Lynn from across theriver. Dan Morgan, a history buff and Church leader remarked that wasOliver Cromwell did in 1643. Writing in the Sky KimMcAffery asked where did Cromwell come from? St Ives – the writing wasin the sky. I felt like God had given the confirmation needed for Janetand I to plant in King’s Lynn. Over the summer we visited King’s Lynnand prepared our hearts for the move from St Ives. October 2006On the 15th of October we went public with the intention to move in theSummer of 2007. Already we have 6 adults and 3 children coming withanother 12 seriously considering moving. Over the next period we willbe visiting Newfrontiers Churches in the East of England to gather ateam to go.



Andy Moyle is a church leader and web developer. His biggest project is the Church Admin WordPress plugin and app. He also runs, mainly so he can eat pizza.