Pioneer and Homesteaders

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Steve Nicholson taught us about pioneers and homesteaders in Church planting years ago. Pioneersare with you from the start. They are the trailblazers who don’t mindthe rawness, the lack of great kids work, the one guitar and thesuccession of different small venues as the plant has its oftenfaltering start.Ranchers join later. They are not risk takers so come on board when it looks like it’s going to work. When I planted The Bridge Churchwe had a couple visit on the first ever Sunday who actually joined 18months later and are now a fabulous asset to the Church. This week wehave had two calls from families who won’t be joining us at the startof the plant – for great reasons they can’t just do it. They both soundlike ranchers – so I am praying they come and build something good withus a year or so down the line. So I’d better get out there and findsome raw edged pioneers to saddle up and come and join the adventure!If you are the praying type – which most readers of a church plantingblog must be, do pray for some more pioneers to join us this summer forthe adventure of a lifetime in King’s Lynn and the nations!



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