Latvia Trip

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Just got back from a long weekend ministry trip to Latvia with Mike Betts, Maurice Nightingale and others.  We were visiting the Newfrontiers Church in the small town of Smiltene.We had a really fruitful time. Mike & Maurice did some leader’straining, followed by some great prophetic ministry which I was able tobe involved with.

Onthe Sunday, Mike Betts led a healing meeting, where we prayed for over20 people. One of the best things for me was meeting Stuart & BeckyHodgson again from Wilster in Germany and Stuart & Guna Shieldsfrom the UK (and Latvia). David & Ilze Jones who lead the church inSmiltene organised the weekend brilliantly.

We stayed in fabulous hotel and ate some great cheap food, including at the Lido in Riga.

Forme personally it was a great chance to get to know Mike Betts andMaurice Nightingale from the East of England region and to learn fromthe way they worked teaching, encouraging and ministering. It was greatto spend time with David & Ilze, Stuart & Becky and Stuart& Guna as well as the rest of the team from the UK – Enrico andRob. I was able to make a positive difference in encouragement,prophecy and leading someone back to the Lord – May there be longlasting fruit. For King’s Lynn the trip will help in terms of knowingmore about the Baltic people groups – many of whom we hope to reach!Who knows someone may come and join us to help.



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