Big Drop

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The Big Dropwas a great success. 60 people came and delivered 8000 leaflets in 2hours. The map is half done. We had people from as far afield as Leeds,Huntingdon and Aylsham. There were some very positive conversations anda number of people had already heard of us! I’d been expecting 30 toturn up, so double that was great.

Everyoneis really excited about our first public meeting on Sunday 2nd at 4pm.The venue were are meeting have been really welcoming and friendly andthere is a great atmosphere there. We still haven’t moved yet, we aremeant to be completing on Friday. It’s Wednesday 29th August 8.30am andwe haven’t exchanged contracts. We have got removers provisionallybooked to pack tomorrow, so we need to hear today if we are moving thisweek. Next week Janet starts a teaching job and the kids begin schoolover the next two weeks. It all feels a little 11th hour to say theleast.



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