Mad few weeks

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We finally moved on Friday 31st August – exchanged and completed on thesame day – butunfortunately the person with the keys had gone out andso we didn’t get in until 8.30pm. Our new neighbours rescued us withtea and wine! We had our first Sunday meeting on Sunday the 2nd – whichwent well – 23 adults and 15 kids. Most exciting is that we have aguest signed up for Alpha – which is a great course for introducing theChristian faith. Janet started teaching at Greyfriars Primary School inKing’s Lynn on Monday 3rd and Rebecca started year 2 at Gaywood Primaryon the Weds. The twins started reception this Weds (10th Sept) soeveryone is beginning to settle into routine. I have been continuingthe leafletting – to publicise the start of the Church plant and toadvertise Alpha. Over the next few weeks I am arranging to meet some ofthe other local pastors to build friendship as we all look to reachLynn and the surrounding area with the Gospel.



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