Our first treasure hunt

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We had heard about "prophetic treasure hunts" where you seek God for some words of knowledge for people on the street and pray for people to be healed, saved and delivered. We had also heard of Simon Holley’s experience of it no going well and then breakthrough.

There’s also a video account of it on The Newfrontiers E-connect magazine

I’m just about to go out with our frontier project students. I think I’ve had a word about a guy in a hat at the bus station with a back problem. So will come back later to tell you what happened!

EDIT: 2 hour later

Okay we had some fun! All a bit nervous except Erik who is bold as brass!

The second guy with a hat we found, was a friend of Greg’s with a knee ligament problem – we prayed for him and he was chuffed. It only hurts after walking a while, so we couldn’t tell what had happened. He was on his way back to uni at Leeds, so we hope he finds Mosaic Church up there!

Eventually, we found the guy in the hat with a back problem after asking about 5 guys with hats – it’s a warm day, but hats are popular today! He was in a hurry and didn’t want praying for!

The other word we had, we didn’t find, but we did get to pray for a guy called Brian with dodgy legs who was blessed to be prayed for. He has a our number and will ring if he is healed.

We had fun, got over some of our nerves and are ready to do it again next week!



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