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Ouch! I’m reading a book “The art of Neighbouring” where the authors are writing about putting loving your neighbour into real practice. All very innocuous and nice until I got to page 36, where they have what is jokingly called the chart of shame.

The idea is to write a little a bit about the eight households nearest you.
a) their names
b) something you might know having talked to them once or twice.
c) some more in depth things you have found out by getting to know them – hopes and dreams, spiritual journey, what they would say about God etc.

The authors have done that exercise in many churches, so here are the stats…
About 10 percent of people can fill out the names of all eight of their neighbours, line a.
About 3 percent can fill out line b for every home.
Less than 1 percent can fill out line c for every home.

Ouch. For three of the eight nearest homes I’m a level b. Ouch.
I had better read on to learn how to improve.
Why don’t you join me reading “The Art of Neighbouring”

What level are you at neighbouring with your 8 nearest neighbours?



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