Copying Amazon Kindle highlights to Evernote

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I’m loving Evernote as a storage and retrieval medium for notes and quotes. You can download the app for most devices here and once installed it will synchronise with your online account.

Evernote EssentialsIf like me you are just getting started with Evernote, then this ebook Evernote Essentials by Brett Kelly is well worth a look. He was hired by Evernote to be their technical communications manager after they read it!

It’s a 95 page pdf book, with over 12,000 copies sold and just $29.

I’ve a few books on Kindle now and as always I want to store useful quotes to spice up sermons and talks. So here’s how to get the best bits into Evernote…

1) Install Evernote web clipper

If you don’t have the Evernote Webclipper installed on your browser, head over to and install it on your browser.

2) Go to your very own Kindle web page (If you have an Amazon kindle account!)

It’s at – login with your normal Amazon details and you should reach a page like the one on the left.

3) Click on Your Highlights

That will bring up all the highlights you have made in Amazon Kindle ebooks. Then select the highlights for the book you want to copy over to Evernote. Next click on the Evernote elephant icon on your browser toolbar, which brings up the screen shot below!

I store book quotes in a notebook called Books Read and then create a note for each book. So by filling the menu with the book title, selecting “Books read” and then “Clip selected” my highlighted quotes are safely in Evernote. I leave the tags blank as Evernote’s search engine is good enough to not need them!

The screenshots show the process I went through to store quotes from the fantastic “Art of Neighboring” which is without doubt the best book I’ve read on the second great commandment. Just got to improve my putting it into practice now!

I’ve adapted the steps from Michael Hyatts’ how to guide, so that it stores my highlights, not everyone elses! (His method is to goto the chosen book via My Books and select what you want to copy over)

What’s the latest Kindle book you have read?



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