Secret Sound Finally Guessed

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Our local radio station KLFM’s secret sound has finally been won at £2790. What we heard on air, every day for months, was only part of the story, part of the whole sound, which made it very hard to guess.

KLFM’s hard secret sound!

There were hundreds of attempts at answering, all wildly wrong. It wasn’t a stapler,A ring binder, someone clicking their fingers, or a stapler!

Here’s the full sound…

It was cheque being torn from a cheque book (an increasingly rare thing these days!)

It got me thinking about the times when we react when we only know half the story. Very often we get it wildly wrong too! That is why James 1:19 tells us “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry…” – we have two ears and one mouth. James is telling us to use them in correct proportion! When we take the time to listen well, we get the whole story and very often won’t end up saying somthing rash or that we will regret!

What tips do you have for listening well, to avoid sticking your foot in it?



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